Surgical removal of sweat glands
by means of suction and curettage

Various treatments are available for persons suffering from excessive underarm sweating. These include treatment with Botox, liposuction and curettage of the sweat glands, and surgical excision of the sweat glands.

Using the botulinum toxin inhibits the production of sweat by the sweat glands for three to six months. Small doses of botulinum need to be injected all over the armpit area; the treatment is not painful and takes a few minutes. The treatment needs to be repeated after approx six months.

Alternatively, liposuction of the armpit is carried out using a fine cannula under local anaesthetic and analgo-sedation ("twilight sleep"). Then the sweat glands, which are firmly connected to the deep skin layers, are scraped away with a curette and simultaneously sucked out.

Small (approx. 4 to 5 mm wide) puncture sites remain. Using this method, it is not possible to remove all the sweat glands. For this reason, although excessive sweating can be reduced, absolute armpit dryness cannot be guaranteed.

Where sweat glands are excised under loupe magnification, it is possible to remove the sweat glands so carefully that it is no longer possible for sweating to take place in the area that has been operated on. The incision is approx 7-8 cm long. A bandage must be worn for one week. The sutures will be removed after 14 days. No sporting activity should be undertaken for four to six weeks.

In rare cases, localised infection may occur despite the use of antibiotics, but this will subside when treated with ointment.


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